More than 6 million join Greenpeace Netherlands’ “Hands off the Arctic” petition


We are engaged in a struggle that will determine the future of our planet. We protect the Arctic or the unspoilt nature succumbs to human greed? On one side are the richest companies in the world, all the stops to squeeze the last drops of oil from the earth.
On the other hand, a global movement of more than five million people who want to proclaim the Arctic to nature. Their message is clear: Hands off the North Pole.


Nature in the pristine Arctic, home to the  polar bear , is a stunning beauty.But nature too is vulnerable touches the environment of the Arctic Animals like seals, walruses and polar foxes polluted, then there is no alternative habitat ‘available’. Due to the harsh weather conditions, darkness, extreme cold and polar storms, the probability of an oil spill large. The list of blunders Shell, who did a first drilling attempt last year to the coast of Alaska, shows how great the risk is. The consequences of such a leak is incalculable.


Climate change is melting the ice in the Arctic. The once impenetrable area  in summer accessible for oil companies who want to drill for oil. To the relatively small oil stocks gain present in the seabed, taking oil companies knowingly risk destroying the fragile ecosystem in the Arctic.

Is it time to stop this madness yet? We believe so. Millions of people have already said that the Arctic should be a protected area. Last year we were there, to drive with your help, managed Shell in the Arctic region of North America. After a series of setbacks and massive protests the oil giant is not currently drilling in Alaska.

Now they want the oil companies try through Russia and we have a stick for stabbing. Come together with Greenpeace in action against the grabbing and greed of oil companies. Therefore say along with Greenpeace Hands off this unique and fragile nature! ” Now look what you can do to protect the Arctic.


The Arctic ice all protects us from dangerous climate change, the ice reflects solar heat and keeps our planet cool. Thus, the North Pole functions as an “air conditioner” to the world. Because the polar cap krimt elsewhere creates extreme weather, such as hurricanes and floods.


A future for the Arctic is only possible by the introduction of a protected reserve that parts of the area declared off limits for oil drilling, industrial fishing and other harmful activities. Until then, Greenpeace sit on the heels who cling to their unholy drilling plans, and we are increasing the pressure in the northern states considerably. Denmark declared a moratorium on drilling, shows that these countries also have serious doubts about the safety.

From Greenpeace Netherlands on Jan. 15, 2015.


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