Saving A Mama Shark: One Of The World’s First By-Catch Operations

In 2012 our office received a call from a Denpasar Fisherman regarding a 1.6 meter white tip reef shark that had been captured overnight in netting off Singaraja (North Bali). We immediately thought that seemed odd as fishermen would rather kill, instead of handle catch that large. I asked the office staff to find out if it “was a female?” since they are the larger of the species. The caller did not know as he was calling it in for Fishermen up North. Regardless if they were willing to drive it down four hours we would be more than happy to compensate for their efforts. Their alternative would be to kill it for the value of the fins to the Chinese market.

The shark safely arrived in the back truck, containing a makeshift pool equipped with an oxygen tank. It was noticeably pregnant where she was transferred into her own swim area.

Seven months later at the Bali Shark Conservation Nursery, the shark gave birth to three pups. and was released into deeper waters on Easter. Pups were released into the Gili Eco Trust’s protected waters, becoming one of the world’s first successful shark by-catch solutions.

By Bali Sharks from The Dodo on Jan. 5, 2015.


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